Quality, Integrity, Craftsmanship.

Our goal is to build quality residences at fair prices, with consideration to positively impacting the areas we operate in. We strive to create craftsman homes that complement existing communities and invigorate local economies by creating win/win scenarios for the seller, the buyer, and the neighborhood. We are dedicated to helping homeowners sustain their quality of life and improve and preserve the unique diversity that makes Portland such a great place to live!

Buying homes has never been easier!

We are committed to building craftsman homes that are energy efficient and prime examples of the quality the Northwest is famous for. We are dedicated to supporting local licensed contractors, and the constant pursuit of incorporating locally sourced materials into our designs whenever possible. Our homes are built with an eye for neighborhood architecture with all the modern conveniences and technologies available.

Looking to cash in on your investment?

Our priority is to strategize the transfer of ownership in the most beneficial way for the seller. We are committed to understanding and figuring out the best way to proceed with whatever situation we encounter. Let us be your resource in your sale of land, home, or lot!

Investment Opportunities

We are proud of our energy efficient homes, and the leading edge designs they incorporate. The Northwest is among the nation's leaders in build technology! Buy Bridgetown and you are investing in a quality build designed to retain value and stay efficient for years to come!


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